The Emboss Five-Finger Squeeze Gloves

The Emboss Five-Finger Squeeze Gloves


What is the Emboss Five-Finger Squeeze Gloves?

They fit well and make work easier than ever before.

These gloves are "squeezed" around the bottoms of the fingers, which prevents the gloves from coming off while working.

Increased strength (durability)

The seal strength at the bottoms of the fingers is increased (residual bacteria is often found at the bottoms of the fingers after washing).

Unchanged low price
Abundant types, materials and sizes

For the material film alone we have 15 types, varying from thick to thin, and we make 480 different products.

New type of five-finger-squeeze

The My Just Gloves and Color My Just Gloves are gloves that have great fit.

On the other hand, our older types of five-finger-squeeze gloves offer a good balance between fit and ease of donning and removal. They are ideal for work where you need to take the gloves on and off frequently.


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